Application Form & Process

How to Submit Your Application

When downloading an application form to the innovation vouchers, we would normally recommend only completing sections 1-7 initially, as it may be better to let us assess your application before you submit your procurement.

We are currently only accepting applications via Email, so please send your application to the following email address: 

Below you can find further information on the estimated timeline of your project, and how you can check if you are within our eligible geographic area. 

What's in the File?

Main Document: Innovation Vouchers (IV) Application and supplier procurement justification form.

Attachment 1: Detailed instructions on how to complete an IV application

Attachment 2: How to Choose your Suppliers

Attachment 3: Eligible Project Activities

Attachment 4: List of priority sectors and our eligible geographical areas

Attachment 5: List of eligible business sectors for the Innovation Vouchers programme

Attachment 6: Evidence required if your application is successful

Application Timeline