The BIG 10 Capabilities of Growth

28-10-2020 - 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

The BIG 10 Capabilities of Growth

Drawing on our experience with successful SME support programmes we have run, the workshop is designed and delivered around three pillars:

Pillar 1: Generating ideas, identifying and exploiting opportunities

Pillar 2: Formulating an appropriate strategic position and business model

Pillar 3: Setting up organisational mechanisms and culture that support innovation

It also utilises the BIG Ten characteristics of growth: characteristics that successful SMEs use to understand and build their strategic and leadership capabilities. All these tools involve organisational behaviours and mechanisms needed to identify and take advantage of sources of innovative thinking, evaluate the potential success of creative ideas, and take calculated risks by using sound judgement. This workshop will be delivered by Mark Gilman from Birmingham City University


About Mark

Dr Mark Gilman is Professor of SME Growth and Development at Birmingham City Business School and Head of CEIG. He joined BCU in 2015, moving from his post as Director of The Centre for Employment, Competitiveness & Growth at Kent Business School.

Mark has published in the area of SME performance and growth and HR management alongside working directly with business in the creation of a range of support products. These products include The BIG Journey, The BIG Network, The BIG Toolkit, The BIG Diagnostic, and tailored coaching and consultancy assignments. He has worked in industry and academia for the last 40 years engaging with businesses of all sizes including Boots plc, Barclays Bank, British Airways and a number of public sector organisation. More recently he has been impacting the growth of over 500 SMEs through research and coaching interventions for ambitious business owner