Eligible Activities

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities

General activities and processes:

  • New product/ process development
  • New business model development
  • Efficiency audit, process change
  • Supply chain management and logistics
  • New service delivery and customer interface
  • New service development
  • Product and service testing and economic impact assessment
  • Innovation/technology audit

Specific activities where particular limitations apply:

  • Exploiting advances web technologies for the region and/or industry (this does not
    include standard web design, development or search optimisation)
  • Market research
  • Equipment purchases to develop prototypes
  • Capital items to develop prototypes
  • Software purchases to develop prototypes

Types of processes that include the above themes:

  • Opportunity Analysis to support your ideas in the Idea Screening Phase
  • Publishing technical communications such as data sheets
  • Idea Screening
  • Engineering operations planning
  • Concept development, prototyping and testing
  • Department scheduling
  • Development the marketing and engineering details
  • Supplier collaboration
  • Identification & investigation of intellectual property, including the process for
    intellectual property creation, protection (but not patent maintenance fees to
    Intellectual Property Office or relevant official organisations)
  • Logistics plan
  • Feasibility through virtual computer aided rendering and rapid prototyping
  • Resource plan publication
  • Concept testing
  • Program review and monitoring
  • Development of Business Plan
  • Contingencies – what-if planning
  • Beta Testing and Market Testing
  • Commercialization (often considered post-NPD)
  • Producing a physical prototype or mock-up
  • Launch the product
  • Testing the product (and its packaging) in typical usage situations
  • Critical path analysis
  • Conducting focus group customer interviews
  • New Product Pricing
  • Producing an initial run of the product
  • Impact of new product on the entire product portfolio
  • Technical implementation
  • Value Analysis (internal & external)
  • New programme initiation
  • Analysis of competition and alternative competitive technologies
  • Finalising Quality Management System
  • Analysis of costs and selling price
  • Resource estimation
  • Forecast of unit volumes, revenue, and profit
  • Requirement publication

Exploiting advanced web technologies for the
region and/ or industry

  • Consultancy towards IT Strategy and Value Optimisation
  • Building security algorithms & AI
  • Design & building of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)
  • Specialist electronic system, Software design and computer engineering tools
  • Designing of Specialist CRM systems that drive hardware
  • APP design & development for Mobile & portable devices (such as tablets,
    phones and PDAs)
  • Development of GIS (Geographical Information Systems)
  • Analysis and Design of Algorithms
  • Electronic Communication and Concurrency
  • Compression Methods for Multimedia
  • Cryptography and Information Security
  • System Modelling
  • Distributed Systems and Applications
  • Software Measurement and Quality Assurance
  • Informatics (including Bioinformatics) e.g. Software & hardware design of
    fingerprint or IRIS
  • scanners etc. that can be controlled through web technologies

Market research

  • Launch new products or services
  • Off the shelf market research reports
  • Customised market research done through professional consultants & market
    research Companies
  • Overseas market entry research reports done by specialist Accredited
    organisations / trade & industry bodies in the UK & overseas

Ineligible activities:

  • Achieving compliance with statutory regulations or legislation
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Standard training courses
  • Software purchases
  • Capital equipment purchases
  • Aid that would promote/subsidise the cost of exports
  • Internships for students of knowledge providers
  • Design and production of advertising materials
  • Sales and marketing activities –this includes standards website design, development and search optimisation (the only exception would be the exploitation of new web technology for the region and /or industry)
  • Advertising and promotional activities e.g. design of posters leaflets etc.
  • Accreditations
  • Capital items
  • Travel costs
  • Continuation and existing projects with the knowledge providers
  • Legal advice